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Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, yes.
Depending on how your kitchen was originally constructed it either has existing end panels to match the doors or the cabinets are already in a colour to match your existing doors.
Either way, we can replace the panels or supply and fit a self-adhesive vinyl to the end of your cabinets to match perfectly with your new choice of colour.

This is no problem for us at all. We can either remove and do away with it altogether if you are wanting a new more modern minimalist look or replace it to match the colour of your new doors.

They come in a few different styles so you can match what you have or opt for a different look.

Absolutely! There is simply no point in installing new doors on old hinges. PLUS – we will upgrade your hinges to soft-close at no extra charge.

If your current drawers run smoothly and are not broken, chances are they will be good for many more years so there may be no reason to replace them. If however they are causing you problems then we can change the drawer boxes/mechanisms as part of the installation.

We use the same professional installers that we do on our high end full kitchen projects.
As standard, we always include to remove all old doors and rubbish from the installation leaving your home clean and tidy. We have a waste carriers licence which can be inspected at our showroom if you so wish.

If we are just replacing your doors then no, you don’t need to lift a finger. If however we are replacing the worktop too then we would advise all the base cupboards are emptied.

The reason being that there is bound to be dust falling down into the cabinets when we remove the worktop and it’s easier to clean the cupboards afterwards if they are empty. Plus, it avoids having to clean inbetween each plate in your stack when the dust falls on them.

We are competitively priced no matter what work we do. In fact many of the replacement kitchen door companies out there have franchise overheads, so you may well find we offer better value for money.

It depends on the size and construction of your existing kitchen and what we are replacing. For new doors and trims (cornice, pelmet, plinth and end panels) it can be between 1-3 days. Add another day or 2 depending on worktops. 

At time of quote or order we will be able to give you a clearer timeframe for your installation.